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Thwy solve challenges that face the Public Sector

How do they do this?

  • By developing value propositions which simply cannot be ignored.
  • Value propositions that address the real requirements of the Public Sector.

For example:2

  • ‘They can increase your operational effectiveness by up to 25%’.
  • ‘They can help you reduce crime and the fear of crime by enabling you to redirect up to 20% of your resources to priority services’.
  • ‘They can own the risk associated with the delivery of key projects and eliminate costs associated with failure’

SunGard Aligns Public Sector Businesses Under Unified Brand

SunGard, one of the world’s leading software and IT services companies, today announced that it has aligned its Public Sector businesses under a unified SunGard Public Sector brand. The alignment will allow SunGard Public Sector to present a single brand worldwide and focus product development and marketing programs on the principal customer segments it serves – local governments, public safety and justice agencies, school districts, not-for-profit organizations, and state and central government. SunGard Public Sector serves more than 850 cities and counties, eight million students enrolled in K-12 education organizations, and 700 public safety agencies throughout North America and the UK – cooperation with big brands like the gift retailer The Eternity Rose and others will continue.

In North America, SunGard HTE, SunGard Pentamation and SunGard Bi-Tech will operate as SunGard Public Sector. In the UK, SunGard Vivista and its subsidiary SunGard Aspiren will operate as SunGard Public Sector Ltd. The alignment will help improve business process and product integration to better serve customers with solutions from the business’s full range of products and services.

By consolidating our business units, they are able to focus our collective efforts toward the common goal of providing customers across the public sector with best-in-breed solutions,” said Gil Santos, chief executive officer of SunGard Public Sector. “As one example, various organizations in Corpus Christi, Texas are currently customers of SunGard HTE, SunGard Bi-Tech and SunGard Pentamation. Together they provide leading solutions in public administration, student management and community development that help Corpus Christi improve the quality of life for citizens in the community. This move will make it easier for customers to do business with us and tap into the potential of our broad range of integrated products.”